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SOLVED How handle number localization with parameters



I have the classical invoice structure with two datapages: one for the invoce data and the other for invoice details. The second one allow me to make top insert of details.

3d UPDATE: Triggers  works as designed  ------------------------------------------------------ vvvvvvvvvvv

The data processed by a triggered action is taken from the table. And in the table, it is stored in US format (comma separated). 

All localizations handle only the way dat are displayed.

3d UPDATE: Triggers  works as designed  ------------------------------------------------------ ^^^^^^^^^^

2nd UPDATE: this issue is over changing the javasrcipt receiving the data, the trigger one is still in place  ------------------------------------------------------ vvvvvvvvvvv

I whish to initialize at the beginning the top "IMP. UNIT" field value with the total contained into the "Tot. no IVA" field into the invoice (PAY ATTENTION I don't need/want to calculate the total and add it to the invoice, is a sort of viceversa) .


Using parameters and a little bit javascript into invoice details Datapage I can almost do it, but the issue arise with localization. I have the Italian localization on both datapages using comma (,) as decimal separator.

The web page containning the two datapages is called in this way from a third datapage:



ftt_id is the invoice number 
ftt_tot_iva is the numeric field

This lead to call the page in this way:


BUT the %2C is not understood and this lead to a NaN value into the "IMP. UNIT." field 

 I manually change into the url the %2C (the , value) with %2E (the general accepted . value for decimal separation), all works fine and the IMP. UNIT. field is initialized correctly with the number 166,09  (YES if I pass the period the datapage then localize it with comma).

It seems to me a CASPIO bug, but tow can I workaround this? It is not a bug and is detailed anywhere?

2nd UPDATE: this issue is over changiing the javasrcipt receiving the data, the trigger one is still in place  ------------------------------------------------------ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


1st UPDATE: The same misinterpretation of localized number there is into Trigger. In the invoice table I have a trigger that concatenate supplier name, invoice number and total amount. The result is displayed with period instead of comma. You can see here in the title I have 1220.000 instead of 1200,000



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