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Trigger was working but somehow moved around



Hi all

One of Caspio team directed through setup of a trigger, as I can't seem to decipher the process : /

Anyway, it was working fine and then stopped. When I looked at the trigger, it had become 'unpluggd', with parts moved around. I've tried to set it back how it was but i just can't get it to validate. 

I suspect it was  intially broken by me changing table and field names? However I subbmitted  a ticket yesterday and one of the C team told me they fixed it, but it does not work for me and again you can see a part that looks unplugged, over to the right.

I have table with column 1 set to autocomplete from a lookup, and the Triggger populated further fields from the lookup to the table. There is relationship set between the PK/FK only. 

Would anybody be able to guide me as to what's up here? I think the #instered term throws me a bit, and there's something I'm just not getting. 



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Hi @biota,

#Inserted is the data that is being inserted to the table. Please see the following:


In your case, when you insert new record to the table, it will look it the 'Sources_lkp' table, and find if there are record that has the same 'source_name' as 'historical_feature_name' from your inserted record. It will than populate fields 'Source_ID', 'significance_site' and 'contaminants_site' with values from the selected fields from 'Sources_lkp' table with that same 'source_name' as 'historical_feature_name'.

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