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Use Formula Field Value with Duplicates to In Another Field with the Nth Iteration Indicated





I want to create a formula field (that puts last name and first name next to each other) and set this as unique, but I can’t seem to make this unique since apparently some of my records have the same first name and last name. Is there a way for me to mark each duplicate records with their nth iteration? For example:


First_Name         Last_Name         Complete_Name              Complete_Name_Nth_Iteration

John                      Doe                       JohnDoe                             JohnDoe

John                      Doe                       JohnDoe                             JohnDoe2

John                      Doe                       JohnDoe                             JohnDoe3


If ever I was able to make the Complete_Name_Nth_Iteration, I could then finally set that field to unique, but I’m not sure how to achieve this.

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You can do this with the use of Task so it checks all the existing records and create the Complete_Name_Nth_Iteration value for each record.




You can then set this new field into unique. However, since this action is ran using a Task, it does not ensure that newly inserted records will have a Combined_Name_Nth_Iteration value (and since Unique fields cannot be null), so what you can do next is create a Triggered Action that creates the Combined_Name_Nth_Iteration for every inserted data.



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