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Has anyone Livestreamed on Weebly through a Caspio datapage?



As a general caveat I know as much about programming as I do about astrophysics (which is pretty much nothing but I love watching Neil deGrasse Tyson videos on YouTube), but I have been able to cobble together some interesting solutions and I have a particularly sticky one that I need help with.

Does anyone have experience with livestreaming through Caspio on a Weebly site?

The background: I have a biweekly livestream that I present to subscribers.  I am working through a Zoom recurring meeting so I need a static stream key and url.  I have gotten it to work using Amazon IVS on an html datapage, but when I insert it into Weebly the player gets all wonky. 

I think I need to figure out how to either override the css for the one Weebly embed block. Or maybe use a different player?  Does anyone have any experience with this? I am so far out of my league and really need some help. 

Thanks in advance to anyone willing and able to help!

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