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Membership website with Memberpress and Caspio unable to have one Login Form



I want to implement a membership website whereby my caspio datapage will not be shown to users unless they have paid. Memberpress plugin will handle the membership. The problem is There are 2 authentications. Memberpress has wordpress login while caspio has caspio login. I want a way to have one login form or both authentication to have the same user data without having to make the user login twice.

I have tried zapier whereby when a user is created the details go from wordpress to caspio users table but zapier cant pass the password field onto caspio. Kindly assist.

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I also  am implementing a Membership website between WebFlow (my Front-end web platform) and Caspio, whereby my Caspio datapages (my Back-end Portal)  will not be shown to users unless they have been Authenticated by the Front-end. I also need to control where my Members go as I have two (2) levels of Membership(not uncommon).

This is not specific to WebFlow, but to any project implementing a Front-end/Back-end Solution. For the purpose of this Question/Discussion, WebFlow will be replaced by <Platform>

This is a common Business and Design scenario.

  1. <Platform> Login will handle the User, Authentication(Sign Up, Login/Logout, Account Mgmt), Membership, Billing, and Current Billing Status.
  2. Caspio will handle the Login Redirects based on UserType and internal UserStatus from passed User Field against Auth Table
  3. Caspio will handle all embedded Back-end application data and processes as defined and normal

The problem is there are 2 authentications:

  • <Platform> has it's own login
  • Caspio has it's own login

Business and Design Requirement

I need a way to have one login without having to make the user login twice.

  1. <Platform> gets User and Authenticates
  2. <Platform> passes User field to Caspio
  3. Caspio Authenticates and directs based on success or failure

Current Situation

  • I have done this. I get the User field from <Platform> and pass it to the Caspio HTML datapage on a URL string
    • The Authentication assigned to the HTML datapage has been configured to receive this passed parameter
  • I created a Caspio HTML datapage to handle redirects because current Caspio Authentication is Binary
    • When Authenticated, you go to the Login redirection on success;  Destination 
      • This is a Caspio Limitation, hence why I need to control the redirects
      • Redirects are based on UserType and UserStatus (in my situation, currently 4 possible destinations exist)
    • When Authentication fails, it directs the User to the Timeout and Redirection/Designated entry page <== This is the Failure Page defined in the Authentication
      • In my case, this is an Add New User Profile to the back-end app because User is in <Platform> and has been authenticated, but is not in Back-end (Caspio)
      • As a side note: I hate the term "Designated entry page". It is misleading. It should be called what it is, "On Authentication Failure"
  • In every test case, the Caspio Authentication fails and directs the User to the Timeout and Redirection/Designated entry page 
  • I have been working with Caspio Customer Support...
    • This ticket has now been open 13 days.
    • I have had 25 interactions, worked with 5 individuals, explained the process & requirements 7 times
    • I have provided Code, Access, Data pages, Authorization, pictures, etc
    • I have been given 4 possible solutions to "try"
    • None worked
    • Newest solutionif the submission is being loaded from the web page, it is not getting any records for the virtual fields as expected, one reason they think is that it does not have enough time before it can load the result of the query before submitting the record. 
      • They suggest to check the script which auto-submit the form and adjust it. Instead of using 'onload' try to use 'onchange' of the value of one of their virtual fields
      • "You should be able to make the changes on your own but the developers can also assist you if you decide to set a meeting, however, the said meeting may be billable since the issue appears to be from the Script on your web app and not on the Caspio Datapage."

They Obviously Didn't Read any/all of the information I provided them

  • I have validated that the parameter is passed from <Platform> and is available to the embedded Caspio script prior to embedding it on the Caspio script's URL and calling the Caspio script
    • I have shown this value in a text display on the web page prior to calling the embedded script
    • I have seen it in Console as I step through the script process
  • Previously... I tested this with another Caspio Submission datapage without Authentication
    • The Caspio  datapage successfully received the User parameter, I performed the Authentication, performed the redirect, added a Log record and passed to the correct back-end destination
    • PROBLEM... User was not LOGGED into Caspio because...
      • No Caspio Authentication was assigned to Submission datapage
        • Submit event never occurs (User did not click on button to initiate Authorization)
      • Caspio Authentication never occurs
  • I have worked on this problem for more than 120 hours
    • In January/February (2023)
    • In June/July (2023)

I am beyond Frustrated... I am Begging... It shouldn't be this hard!

  1. Others have posted before me, stated that they used API's to solve this problem.
    1. I read the Caspio Documentation. It was confusing and overwhelming, to say the least.
    2. I admit, I am not that technical when it comes to using and implementing API's on the web.
  2. Admitting Reality
    1. It was at or beyond an intermediate skill set. A skill set I do not possess.
    2. I am a quick learner, can follow directions, examples, translate examples to my needs.
  3. What I Need
    1. Information
    2. Steps to Follow
    3. Examples
    4. Hope

Can someone please help.



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