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Case with formula



What is wrong with this formula?  Very new, so any help will be appreciated.

 WHEN [@field:unit_of_measure] = 'Metric' THEN [@field:weight_lbs] = 2.204 * [@field:weight]
 ELSE [@field:weight_lbs] = [@field:weight]


[unit_of_measure] is list string

[weight] is number

[weight_lbs] is number

Need to save [weight_lbs] with the weight after converting from metric if needed, if not needed then just save the weight to [weight_lbs]

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Each record will ask user if they want to enter data as US Standard or Metric.  If they choose Metric, then I want the database to canvert the metric number to us standard and save results into new field as weight_lbs.  This needs to be done for Langth, Width and Height as well.  The system will convert the MM to Inches and save in length_inches.  But some users will be using us standard as input so those numbers will not be converted but simply safe the same amount into weight_lbs or langth_inches.  From your other reply sounds like field type list string is not the field type I should have used.

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Hi @KyleMcAfee, to answer your question, it would be better if you will use a text(255) data type since you only have 2 options (metric or US standard) and you just need to choice between the two, right? With that, configure your DataPage to have a dropdown option and just input the two specific options on the custom values of the dropdown option.


And for your calculation, you may try this:

 WHEN [@field:unit_of_measure] = 'Metric'


2.204 * [@field:weight]



I believe, you want to store the result of the calculation above in your [@field:weight_lbs], right? Then if that is the case, you can make your [@field:weight_lbs] as a calculated value and put the formula above. I hope that helps.

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