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Embedding a YouTube video in a single record datapage



Can anyone share experience or advice about linking each record in a table to a YouTube video, and embedding that video in an associated detail datapage?

My specific table contains applications to a startup programme. The videos are 90s pitches by the entrepreneurs that have been uploaded in YouTube. I want to show a single-page summary of each application, with the associated video embedded in it, to the application review committee. 

I can get embed code from YouTube but I'm not sure how to get it dynamically into a datapage. Maybe pass the link into a parameter and embed that parameter in the standard embed block?

Ideas very welcome.

Can I just mention I am glad to be customer of a company with a big Ukrainian office which is doing all it can to support its Ukrainian colleagues. I'm asking this question of fellow forum members, because I'm sure the staff have more important things to do.

Many thanks

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Hello @Amyas,

You may test the following approach. 

1) Get the embed link (direct link does not work) and copy it to the table. 

To get the embed link click Share -> Embed -> copy the link



2) Table example:


3) On the Report DataPage you may add the HTML block, disable the HTML editor on the Advanced tab, and paste the whole embed code. Replace the source with the parameter, so that each record will display the corresponding video. 



Hope this helps. 

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That's outstanding - many thanks CoopperBackpack 

You also helped me understand better how to use [@field:parameter]. This will be useful again, I've no doubt.

Great tip about using the /embed link. I'll ask my users to get just the YouTube video ID eg w6T1cqg0gnk. I'll stick that on the end of the standard embed URL.

Kind regards

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Hi @Amyas - the other way around for you to display the YouTube video is by copying the embed code in the YouTube video and inserting it in the table. 


After saving the embed code, you can display the field by rendering it as HTML: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/field-formatting-options/#:~:text=Render Field Values


Hope it helps!

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