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Update of related tables when report loads




I have a hierarchy of related tables and many values are calculated based on values in parent tables.  The formulas are complex and are hosted in data pages. 

My reports all have calculated fields as results fields, otherwise the reports would be showing 'old' 'table' values. Each record is modified in the reports' details form pages. This means that the actual records are only updated when the user opens the details page and then save it. With a large volume of records, this is not practical.

The user may think all values are up to date as reports show the calculated values, but the underlying tables carry other values.


1. I need a way to update all table fields, based on the formulas in the reports, when user loads a report. How can this be done?

2. What is the best practice for keeping records up to date when adjacent table values change? Is there a better way to show updated values in the report results page? It seems I can't perform the recalculation and write to the actual fields in the report results page, the report can only show a table value or perform a calculation that is not stored in the table.

3. One option could be Triggered Action, but it is like developing a shadow app. Since my formulas are data page-based, and triggered actions work on table level, this might not work even if I took the time. Are there techniques I don't know about for how to use TA's to do this?


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Just now, WatashiwaJin said:

Hello @Gunnar360c, based on your workflow, what I can suggest on all the question is to use an "Application tasks" that will update all the table fields and recreate the formula there. Then you can have it run daily/hourly for your records to be up-to-date.

You may refer to this article in using an Application Tasks: https://howto.caspio.com/tasks/


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Many thanks for the tip @WatashiwaJin! The thing is, however, that I would like for users to see the update instantaneously, even when having multiple windows open. I can accomplish that with triggered actions but am running out of nested levels. I can also use formulas in data-pages throughout (for everything shown to user calculate when form is loaded) but this approach inhibits backend calculations not visible to the user and is very heavy to develop.

Tasks might be as you suggest a way out...


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