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Relationships between records



I am looking for and end-user friendly way of "hopping" from one record to another.
I have a number of one-to-many relationships for family relations: "parent of", "partner of" etc.
Name:          John Doe
Parent of:   Jane Doe

How can I turn "Jane Doe" into a hyperlink that directs to Jane Doe's datapage? Or add a link in any other way?
I couldn't find anything in the documentation, so any suggestion/help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Hello @GuidoThys,

My understanding is that you have multiple tables that are related to each other.

For example: there is the Students_ table that stores unique students, and there is the Parents table that stores unique parents, but we can have 2 parents related to one student. 


And let`s say you have a Report or Details DataPage that is built on the Parents table. You may add an HTML block and add a link there:



The link should lead to the Students DataPage and pass an ID value as a parameter. 

In my example the path is: https://accoountID.caspio.com/dp/9fae700094b472895f114351b8a8?Student_ID=[@field:Parent_Of_Student]

So, the Students DataPage should receive this ID value as a parameter. For that, use the "Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria" option and receive an External parameter:



These articles can be helpful:



https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/tech-parameters/results-and-details-on-two-separate-web-pages/ (this article describes how to use separate Results and Details, however, this solution can be applied for 2 Results, etc.)

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