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Hide all records from one table when associated table has records of a certain value



I have list of projects in one table.  In another table, we track project status.  I've created a view that shows projects that have end dates within 90 days, and I would like to hide all projects that have already achieved the 'project closed status'.  If I could stack views, I would create one view with 'ended projects' and then the main view would show all projects that will end in 90 days but that have no associated record for 'project closing'.  But because I can't stack views I can't figure out how to do this.  Thanks for your help.

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Hi @GreenTurtle,

I am thinking that you could create a new field in you list of projects table with checkbox 'Closed'. 

Then, make a Triggered Action in your table that track project status, that would say 'if certain project has status closed', then also check that Checkbox in first table, so you would know the project has status 'closed'. That way, in your View, you can simply add another criteria that would be to also show only projects which don't have that checkbox checked.

Setup with Triggered Action would work for new projects, but if you want to use that for existing ones, you should also make a similar Task, and run it once to check/uncheck the finished ones, and after that, you Triggered Action will take care of new entries.

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If you don't want to use triggers, you might be able to filter your table using a View by creating a criteria like the screenshot below.


Then the fields that you would use would be a formula field with a formula: Dateadd(day, 90, [@field:birthday]).

With this in place the View should filter any records that have an "expiration" date earlier than the current date.


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