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Prepopulate values-to-be-added so as to match search criteria



On a Tabular Report that includes a same-page Search Form, inline insertion of single records, and bulk editing, I want to preload fields so as to match the search criteria, before or after clicking ADD. 

For example, if I am looking at a results table filtered on State = Ohio, Make = Ford, Color= Blue, I do not want to enter those values again when I ADD a record. I want those values already in their fields (or added right after I hit ADD).

Even better, I would like the inserted record to have its left-side Edit selection checkbox already checked after the insertion. 

(I am comfortable with both JavaScript and SQL.)

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hi JohnM,

If you want to autopopulate InlineInsert with values from your same-page Search Form, you can use the following code:

document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) {
       const search = document.querySelector('input[name="Mod0InlineAdd"]')
       search.addEventListener('mouseenter', getValues);
       search.removeEventListener('mouseleave', getValues);

       // Add how many elements you want populated, these are selectors for InlineInsert
       const inlineAddText = document.querySelector('input[name="InlineAddText255Field"]');
       const inlineAddNumber = document.querySelector('input[name="InlineAddNumberField"]');
       const inlineAddLocation = document.querySelector('input[name="InlineAddLocation"]');
       // These are fields from Search Form
       const searchText = document.querySelector('input[name="Value2_1"]');
       const searchNumber = document.querySelector('input[name="Value1_1"]');
       const searchLocation = document.querySelector('input[name="Value3_1"]');

       function getValues(){
            if(searchText.value.length > 0) inlineAddText.value = searchText.value;
            if(searchNumber.value.length > 0) inlineAddNumber.value = searchNumber.value;
            if(searchLocation.value.length > 0) inlineAddLocation.value = searchLocation.value;


When you are about to click on the 'Add' button, fields in InlineAdd element should populate with values from corresponding search fields.

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