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File management on automatic import



Hi, before I post this in the Ideabox, I would like to check if I'm overseeing any Caspio capabilities here.

I have the following target workflow - we receive automatically on daily basis files with transactions in a Google Drive folder. Files are semicolon delimited CSVs. They have identical prefixes.

I need to import them in a Caspio table, also on daily basis, with as little as possible human intervention. So following problems arise : 

1. Any possibility to import SEMICOLON delimited CSV files, I see only COMMA delimited as an option ?

2. Any possibility to import files based on prefix or similar criteria- instead of exact file name ?

3. Any possibility to rename/move files after import, so they are not imported again next day/week etc. ?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I don't think CASPIO can do what you are asking.

We ran into the same consistent file name issue with Automated Import Tasks. In one case we didn't actually need to store historical data and only wanted to see data live, so we changed our automatic export of inventory to a consistent file name so the automatic export just overwrites and CASPIO doesn't have to handle a variable file name. I think adding that feature would still be extremely useful.

If you have access to Microsoft products you should be able to use Power Automate to convert files and re-name files that are within a Google Drive folder.

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