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How can I leave dropdown search fields blank, it always defaults to the top value



Hi all, clicking through my Datapage on the Search and Report Wizard - Configure Search Fields tab, I hope to see something like "don't require any value", or "don't set any default value", let the user leave it blank to see all rows, and only set a filter if they want. 

But both my search fields (dropdown lookup) default to the first values alphabetically, showing the user a weird bunch of rows right up front that is confusing.

Worse, it requires some value to be entered in each search dropdown, disallowing the user to ever see the whole list of rows.

Many thanks in advance, -t

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Hello @TNathan,

Please use the "Both"option in the Source dropdown. You will still have the Lookup table with the list of values to select. 

The main point is to add the following on the "Custom Values" tab:

  • Display: write any value, for example -Any-,-Select-, etc.  
  • Value: leave the field blank 

As a result this option will be the default one and since it has no value to match the users will be able to see all the records in case they do not select a certain value from the Lookup table.



This article can be helpful https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/adding-an-any-option-to-a-dropdown/


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