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I have a project where i need to show the amount in Thousand as K, Millions as M, and Billions as B in different segments such as Chart, Pivot Table

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On 8/4/2022 at 1:58 AM, futurist said:

On the code, simply replace:

const cells = document.querySelectorAll(".cbResultSetTableCellNumberDate");


const cells = document.querySelectorAll(" .cbResultSetTableCellNumberDate:nth-child(3)");

and 2.

const cells2 = document.querySelectorAll(".cbResultSetTotalsDataCellNumberDate");


const cells2 = document.querySelectorAll(".cbResultSetTotalsDataCellNumberDate:nth-child(3)");


and change the 3 with the order of the column it comes in. best thing to do is play around with this, add or subtract 1 until you get the desired column




It is working fine however we have deployed 4 pivot table in one web page and in 1 of the pivot table we have data on column 2 position and in another table we have data in column 3 position, so when we update the header & footer in one table then it is reflecting on another table automatically.



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