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Timeout redirection to login page



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Hi Steve,

You could add the next script in the header or footer of your DataPages:

const delayMinutes = 15;

const events = ['mousedown', 'mousemove', 'keypress', 'scroll', 'touchstart'];
const intervalHolder = {
interval: null
const reload = () => {
const setTimer = (time) => {
intervalHolder.interval = window.setTimeout(reload, time)
const resetTimer = () => {
const addListeners = (eventsArray) => {
eventsArray.forEach(event => {document.addEventListener(event, resetTimer, true)})

const main = () => {


You can customize the number of minutes of allowed inactivity in delayMinutes variables. It is set to 15 now.
So what this script does is next: it sets a timer every time any activity on the page stops.Timer resets each time when activity resumes. When timer runs out, it forces page refresh which In combination with aforementioned authentication settings ensures that one will be redirected to login page again

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