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Duplicate form fields dynamically?



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It is possible to achieve something similar to that. But it isn't technically speaking, duplicating the form dynamically. It will still have a maximum amount of records that you can submit. And it is simple a front-end trick.

To achieve that, create a dummy table that contains all the fields you need to fill up and create multiple instances of them all except for your unique field(let's say track_id in your case). 

Then in the form, add all of the fields and use Rules to hide the fields when no numbers are selected on the dropdown to add tracks. 

Lastly, use a triggered action to separate each track record and pass it to your original table under the same track_id.

So it is basically 1 big form and the other instances of the input fields are just hidden and the values will get separated automatically with the  help of Triggered Actions.

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Another option is to use the "Inline Insert" feature of tabular report DataPage. It will not have a selector/dropdown for the number of rows that you want to add, but you will be able to add multiple records without leaving the same form or without the need to refresh the page.

https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/data-editing-options-in-reports/#:~:text=them at once.-,Inline Insert,-– Available in tabular

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