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Grid Edit Issue



I have a tabular report with only grid edit option on.
The report consists of lines with two columns: item fields and progress fields.
The item fields are not editable.
The progress fields are configured as dropdown fiels and users can select their progress from 4 options.

When the table is presented to the user, the user can edit one field or sometimes two fields.
Sometimes on the second field, sometimes on the third, the user gets the message "No records found".
Of course the records do exist!
After this message it is not possible anymore to edit any other field. The "No records found" message keeps coming in.

After a browser refresh it is again possible to fill out other fields until again another "No records found"-message.

Any ideas in overcoming this problem?

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Hello @peewee,

Do you have a Search Form in your Reports DataPage? Before you edit the record, do you have filtering options applied? 

I found a similar issue here regarding the 'No records found' error in the Grid edit.

In my curiosity, I tested it on my end. It works as expected if there is no filtering criteria.

Basically, when you already modify the record you searched for, it should not be available on the results anymore. That is why when you try to modify it again within the same grid, it will throw an error.


I recommend that you open a support ticket for this so Caspio's support team can confirm.



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