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Send Notification for Tasks that Encounter Errors



Hi All-

I have a task that runs daily that copies records from one table to another. In the table I am copying from, the email field does not need to be unique. In the table I am copying to, the email field does need to be unique. The task runs successfully when there is a non-unique email value that is attempted to be copied over, but it omits that record and generates an error that is only visible if you inspect the Task History. Is there any way to automatically send an email when an error like this occurs? Or have some other way of being alerted, rather than checking the Task History each day.

I know that limiting the records being copied to only unique values would be the proper way to handle this, but I have not found a way to select only distinct records by email address - to me, it appears that the DISTINCT option on the Select statement in Tasks applies to the whole record. In my situation, the whole record may not be unique, as in some cases, the rest of the values in the record (other than the email) may not be exactly the same.

I hope that makes sense - and appreciate any help!

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  1. Log into the AWS Management Console.

  2. From the home dashboard, choose Identity & Access Management (IAM):

  3. Choose Account settings from the left-hand navigation pane.

  4. Expand the Security Token Service Regions list, find the AWS region corresponding to the region where your account is located, and choose Activate if the status is Inactive.

  5. Choose Policies from the left-hand navigation pane.

  6. Click Create Policy.

  7. Click the JSON tab.

  8. Add a policy document that defines actions that can be taken on your SNS topic.

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