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Caspio Bridge Version 4.0 Released



Caspio Bridge Version 4.0 Released

We are thrilled to announce the release of Caspio Bridge 4.0, which is available now in customer accounts.

We’ve been working long and hard on this release, and hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it.

Here’s a quick summary of the new features:

- Localizations - Now you can easily localize any message, button or link in your apps! Customize the English default text, use one of the language packages included in your account, or add your own language.

- Styles – New cutting-edge styling wizard gives you tremendous control over every aspect of your app’s design: colors, borders, buttons, icons, cell width, hovering, you name it! Several professionally-designed CSS-compliant styles are included in your account and can be applied to your DataPages with just one click.

- Mobile Forms - Create WML forms without programming. While the majority of new mobile devices already support standard DataPage XHTML, some older cell phones and PDAs only support WAP. These mobile forms are perfect for ensuring both old and new mobile devices can submit data to your database.

- Search Results Download - You can now let your users download the results of searches or pre-configured reports to their local computer. This feature is available in the newly renamed \"Search and Report\" DataPage (formerly \"WebApp\" DataPage) and provides several options for customizing the file format and records.

- Web Services - Developers can now further customize applications with Caspio Bridge Web Services, available by request for Standard accounts. Requires Beta Program Registration.

- Plug-in for Microsoft Office - Bring your Caspio Bridge data into Microsoft Excel or Access and keep it refreshed automatically. Requires Beta Program Registration.

For more info on these new features:

- Request a demo from Caspio Support.

- Read the Online Help.

- Post your questions on the Caspio Bridge Forum.


Caspio Support

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