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Creating Searchable Data List Where Each Item Displays With 3 Different Fields Auto Calculated Based Upon Manual Entry of One Field



Hi, Good Morning!

I am new here to Caspio and I am trying out your platform with very high hopes I am able to create exactly what my hospital needs with you guys!

I am looking to create a data list of sorts. The purpose of this list is a list of all medications that a doctor may prescribe.  For the very beginning capability need of this form (it gets much more complex of what I am needing, but want to just start with this need)... I am needing to have this list (to begin with) have the following functions and able to view in the following way:


WEIGHT (LB) - Manually Entered by Staff
WEIGHT (KG) - Auto calculates by dividing number entered in Weight (lb) field by 2.2

The above automatic calculation should happen instantly once weight is entered in to the weight (lb) field.  The below information needs to be shown in a SEARCHABLE list of some sort.  Some functionalities need to occur here:

  • The strength field needs to be able to have a few different options to choose from (we carry many medications which are of multiple strengths) and each option for that medication needs to have a pre-set calculation assigned to it.
  • We need to be able to  sort/search by medication purpose - pain, steroid, inj, antibiotic, etc.; These classifications should be invisible, except when searched/sorted by class, they should show up under a heading named their respective class and all grouped together 
  • Low Dose needs to automatically calculate by a simple formula that uses the above auto calculated weight in kg, a pre-set field calculation value (invisible) assigned to the Strength option chosen and the pre-set field calculation value (invisible) in the Low Dose field - once weight is entered manually, this formula should instantly calculate on the ENTIRE list, using each medication's respective values; answer shows in each medication's Low Dose field.  
  • DVM Dose and High Dose - same as above for Low Dose, except using DVM Dose and High Dose information. 
  • Once the weight is manually entered, all three dose fields (DVM Dose, Low Dose and High Dose fields) should ALL instantly calculate and be shown on EVERY medication on the list
  • We need to be able to search the entire list by medication name
  • We need to be able to choose which dosing option we are using (DVM, low or high)
  • We need to be able to choose which route we are using, all appropriate options need to be viewable next to each other on every medication, then be able to chose which one we will be using. Options would be IM, SQ, IV, Oral, Transdermal, Rectal.
  • We need to be able to choose which medication(s) we will be using and be able to indicate if it will be given as one of these two options: Give In-Hosp -or- Send Home
  • Need each medication to pre-populate with pre-set instructions shown for each medication, however, we need this field to be editable in the event doctor needs to make a change for that particular patient
  • All number values that are automatically calculated need to be calculated to the nearest hundredth with a decimal point (example: 1.45).  If the calculated value is less than 1, it needs to also be shown with a zero (0) in front of the decimal point (example: 0.12).

MEDICATION          STRENGTH          FORM             ROUTE         DVM DOSE          LOW DOSE           HIGH DOSE          FREQUENCY          MAX OUT AT          INSTRUCTIONS       NOTES         

Medication 1           10mg                         Tablet                    Oral                 2.5mg/kg               2.0 mg/kg               4.00mg/kg             q8hrs
Medication 2           125mg/5mL          Oral  Susp           Oral
Medication 3            15mg/2mL            Injection        IM, SQ, IV

Once those options are chosen, we need chosen medications (with appropriate options we chose), to be copied and moved to another section of form that then gives options for each of the following needing to be chosen for EACH medication now in that list (should only show the medications we chose above). 

Patient Type:  In-Patient, Out-Patient, In-Anesth, Out-Anesth
Date/Time of Hospital Admission:
Estimated Discharge Date/Time of Discharge:
Hours in Hospital: This needs to auto-calculate the number of hours between Hospital Admission Date/Time and Estimated Discharge Date/Time (rounded to the nearest hour)

Begin This Medication: (with options stating "Now", "In 2 Hours", "In 4 Hours", "In 8 Hours", "In 12 Hours", "Tonight" (which auto defaults to today's date at 8pm), "Tomorrow AM" (which auto defaults to tomorrow's date at 8am), "Tomorrow PM" (which auto defaults to tomorrow's date at 8pm)

information to be 



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@haizlee  For the computation that you have I highly suggest using calculated values https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/calculated-values/ this way the value is automated depending on your other fields, you can also build conditions with in the calculation if needed.

For the fields that are sort of dependent to other fields I would suggest using cascading elements specifically cascading autocomplete or cascading dropdown. I used this documentation https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/cascading-elements/ before when I was experimenting with it.

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