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Take end user to web page based on search result?



Is it possible to create a URL based on the form data from a \"Search and Report\" data page? I am using the \"Search and Report\" application for an inventory search on a web site and would like to be able to direct my customers to the html product detail page that I created with my shopping cart buttons.



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I could have sworn I replied to this already :?: ....oh well

You need to enabled advanced options and parameter(at the beginning of the caspio wizard)...these are checkboxes. When you are configuring the fields you want listed in your results you are going to add a new \"html block\" this is an option at the lower left below all the fields you want on the page....in the newly created html block you will add the custom code that you have that builds the button link. Then all you need to do is replace the values you need from the table.

You access the variables like so:


replacing nameOfFieldAsItIsInNamedInTable with the appropriate value.

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First I will start by saying.....anything is possible :D

But to make sure I understand what you are asking. You have a Caspio Search and Report datapage (and its working to your liking) but you want some custom coded buttons to take you to the details page (this is not a Caspio datapage) for a particular product?

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Ok, I'm a bit of a novice here.

Here is the image code for the image I would like to use as a button:


The route for the target page would be:


with the bracketed items being the field names in my Caspio tables.

So, do I just insert the code you gave me into the href tag using the field names in place of the \"nameOfFieldAsItIsInNamedInTable\"? Like this:


Or is your response assuming knowledge that I do not yet have?

Thanks for your help!

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