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Bulk Import of files to be linked to file field



I have a Candidacy table with some info field and a file filed. Normally candidates use a datapage to filli-in their data about a self evaluation and attach their resume as a PDF file. But i got also from other sources an EXCEL file with 100-200 candidate rows and their resumes as separate PDF files. The resume filenems are coded in a way that you can recognize which candidate each resume belongs to.
My thought was to:

  1. bulk upload the resumes file into a Folder - and this can be done
  2. bulk upload the EXCEL file into the Candidacy table  - and this can be done
  3. to run a manual task taht update each file field of records just uploaded with the path of files uploaded at step 1

For the last step I cannot see how updte the file field from the task. It is possible or I have to do something else?



I tryed to handle the file field with the REST API but I get:

{ "Code": "AlterReadOnlyData",
"Message": "Cannot perform operation because one or more fields are read-only.",
"Resource": "https://mycaspionumber.caspio.com/rest/v2/tables/my-candidacy-table/records?q.where=%22ca_codicefiscale%22%20%3D%20%27DNTGDU70R17B393E%27", "RequestId": "52A44985-0FE0-4E88-9C21-4535C17CED87" }

May be that file field cannot be modified without a datapage?

Edited by vidierre
UPDATE with some test I made
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