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Combining Login with Password Recovery?



Hi all. I am using the free account which limits me to 5 deployed data pages. I maxed out and therefore I am unable to deploy my password recovery data page. I was wondering if there was an option to include a password reset via link(or email) on the member authentication, aka login screen? If not, would there be a way for to manually reset a forgotten password so that I could email them a temporary one and they could change it via the update profile data page? 

I am worried that a forgotten password would equate to a lost account without a password reset option.



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3 hours ago, Meekeee said:

Hi @JeffwithaG - the best practice and option would be having a Password Recovery DataPage or Details DataPage (more like a profile page) to update user passwords. The alternate option is the same as the workflow you mentioned which is updating directly in the table.

I have a details page. And sure, they can change password there, but they have to be logged in to do so. My concern is when they forget their password and are unable to login. I agree, a Password Recovery Datapage would be ideal. I got one created, but unable to deploy as I've reached my limit for deployed pages. 

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