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what am I doing wrong here?

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hi Community,

I could sure use a little help here.  What am I doing wrong in this simple script to validate some data on a report form with details? 

Thank you so much, I am not a JS person!


function chk_main(){
var maint = document.getElementById('EditRecordSomeTextParm').value;
var mhb = document.getElementById('EditRecordSomeIntParm').value;

if ( maint == 'SQUARE' ) {
 if (mhb <= 0)
   { document.getElementById('EditRecordSomeTextParm').value = 'STD'; }

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Hi @sgriesbach

In Caspio, there is "BeforeFormSubmit" event that occurs when a user is attempting to submit a form.
You can read more here: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/ajax-loading/
So we need to add event listener to the document to listen for "BeforeFormSubmit" event and then run the function you need.

Try this code instead:


if(typeof validateInput == 'undefined') {
const validateInput = () => {
const inputText = document.getElementById('EditRecordSomeTextParm')
const inputInt = document.getElementById('EditRecordSomeIntParm')
if (inputText.value == 'SQUARE') {
 if(inputInt.value<=0) {
    inputText.value = 'STD'}}
document.removeEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', validateInput )

document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', validateInput )



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Hi Volomeister,

Holy cow I would never in a million years have figured that out.  Thank you so much!  I just tested and it works perfectly. 

My datapage works now, so I'm leaving it alone!  But just out of curiosity, would I be better off checking the "Disable AJAX Loading" on these datapages?  The table(s) are relatively small, as are my datapages so I wouldn't expect this would be a big time sink in terms of the form load times.   

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