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Dynamic parameters



I'm attempting to create a dynamic query string and for some reason an & returns amp; on the first row returned from select.



(SELECT  ABC = STUFF((SELECT  ' &' + CAST(param AS nvarchar) + '=' + CAST(AnswerID AS nvarchar) FROM _v_AnswerList    WHERE AnswerGroupID = target.[@field:AnswerGroupID]FOR XML PATH ('')), 1, 1, ''))



I want the result to be 


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Hello @RandyHVM,

You may check this external post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35894546/avoid-encoding-of-ampersand-in-sql-xml-attribute
This post describes the cause of this behavior. 

Could you specify the goal of using FOR XML PATH clause? Do you need to return multiple records? 
What is the next step to use the result in a query string? 

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Hi Copper, thanks for the response.

I was looking for a way to loop through  multiple records in an SQL statement to produce dynamic parameters to pass to a page.

The target page would then use those parameters for handling input based on the parameters. The target page will most likely also be dynamic, just trying to get through the parameters first.

Example /TargetPage/?recid12345&sars=HFUFB1T2&age=10FLLCRC&risk=AU2YIIL9

I'll try the suggestions for casting xml in the post you provided.  I'm new to Caspio Calculated fields and have been stumbling with the syntax. 

Also, the example code above was incorrect, it has a leading space prior to the &, this space should have been removed to produce the issue.

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