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I am trying to generate links using formula which I created in Links field.

The problem is I want peoples to enter "EAN" in field than formual generates the link.

However I am facing an error. It says "No records found".

I don't have data stored in EAN.

My plans was to ask clints to input EAN and no of image than my formula would generate link for tham.

Can someone please guide me ?

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@DevPandya I suppose that you need to play with CASE statement into the Formula field.

I built a table with these fields:


The URL contain this CASE statement:

WHEN [@field:EAN] = '' THEN 'no-url'
ELSE 'https://'+[@field:AA]+'/'+[@field:BB]+'/'+[@field:EAN]

the 'no-url' can be used into datapage to show/hide part of them

In this scenario I insereted some data with no kind of errors and this is the results:


If this is what you need, please mark this aswer as best response (on the left near my avatar)

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