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User inputs




I am trying to create an application which works on user input.

My plan is to ask user for EAN and Image no. And once the enter this info A link will be geneerated(By links field using formula.)

However this doesn't seems to be working. Whenever I enter data in EAN and IMAGE No. and hit search it always says "No records found."


Can someone please guide me?

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Hello @DevPandya,

It would be helpful to understand the formula logic to suggest the best solution.

On the screenshot I can see that you use some type of Report DataPage.

Report DataPages are used to search for and to display values that are already stored in the table (if the value is absent in the table there is the "no record found" message).

If I understood your description correctly, you want the user to submit values (EAN and No_of_image) to the table. If so, you need to use a Submission form for this purpose. 

You may try 2 approaches:

1) On the Submission Form DataPage add the fields to populate: 


On the next step add the link:



As a result the user will enter the values -> click the "Submit" button -> on the next page there will be the link that was generated by the "Link" formula field.


2) You may use the Text(255) data type instead of Formula for the 'Link' field in the table and apply the formula directly on the Submission form. 

Set the field as Calculated value for that.

This article can be helpful https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/calculated-values/



And please note, that you do not need to store dash, etc. in separate fields. You may add static parts of formula directly in formula (please see the screenshot above).

Feel free to update this thread if you have further questions. 

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