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sorting search form drop down list by last name then first




My database contains a list of people. Each record has a field for first_name, last_name, and full_name.

I want my search form to display full_name, but sort the search drop down box by last name, then first name. I have tried changing the drop down box sort to value, and choosing the last_name for value and full_name for display, but then I have to change the comparison type to "CONTAINS". The problem with that is it returns records for more than one person if they have a common last name.

What's the best way to sort the search drop down box by last name but still search the database by full name?



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Search results will be based on dropdown value and not display field. So you should have full-name for the vaule if you want to have the comparison type equal. I can not think of a solution except you have the full-name start with the lastname then first name. So full-name contains lastname+firstname and you can have both Display and Value of the dropdown set to full-name.


Bahar M.

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