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Table View/Submission Form/Email generation



IF I create a form with a datapage, the dynamic fields for notifications work fine. If I use a View so I can have cascading fields in the submission form, the dynamic fields do not work. The email is blank where the fields would populate. My view works perfectly  in the form, but the dynamic fields for email do not work at all.   I would imagine the messaging by default is just pulling in values from the form, but I'm stumped why this does not work. thanks for any assistance. 

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Hello @DrMark,

If I got the issue you add fields as parameters in the email.

For example:



And as a result this parameter is not replaced by the value. 

First of all, please check if the field names are correct: add them by using the "Insert" button.



If this is not the case, this issue usually occurs with the DataPages that updates the records from the View.

So, the record is updated in the way that excludes this record from the View an email does not have access to this record. 

The workaround is to use a Triggered Action and the "Send email" block. 

Could you please confirm that you are referring to the Submission form? Could you provide more details about the View settings? Does the View filter the records based on some condition? Do you use the View as a data source for the DataPage? Or is it used as a Lookup table/view on the DataPage? 

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