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Batch update



Is it possible to update an entire column of a table?

The scenario... We have a field which indicates whether or not a record has been processed. This field is the query term used to filter records for the resulting table so that only unprocessed records are displayed. Our staff person typically processes all the new records in one sitting and would like to be able to click a checkbox at the top of the table column which would change all the no entries to yes rather than having to go into the details page for each record in order to change the entry as this is very time consuming.

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I have the same scenario where I have status fields that need batch updating. I have been downloading, batch updating in Excel, and uploading. I woull really like to eliminate some of the risk and labor of doing it this way if at all possible. Everytime you do an offline manipulation and then upload you run the risk of losing some data due to web updates that may have occured in teh interum or other possible errors in the uploading.

Has anyone figured out how this may be accomplished with some JS coding? or Cron job?

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Just want to update this post, Caspio has new feature where you can "Bulk Update/Bulk Edit" your records.  Bulk Edit – Available in all report types, user can select any number of records and update them all at once. Bulk editing is performed through a web form that overlays on top of the results set and the user can specify which of the provided fields should be modified.

You may check this link for reference: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/data-editing-options-in-reports/

I hope that helps.



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