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Can date ranges be entered?



We want to be able to enter events in our database that may be ongoing for several days or weeks. Is it possible to enter, in the date field or using a calendar, a range of dates? Suppose a play runs from Aug. 1 to 5 -- we want people searching for the play to see in their results that it runs from Aug. 1 to 5, but we also want somebody searching for all events on Aug. 2 to have the play come up in their results, and a different person searching for all events on Aug. 4 to have the play come up in their results. How is this done? Thanks.

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As I understand you would like to have a date search field where it queries the table based on the event start and end date.

You should have two fields in your table, one for event start date and another one for event end date.

First solution which requires a Java Script on the Search and Report:

In your Search form you will have two search fields "Start date" and "End date", "End date" should be hidden with comparison type of "Less than or Equal" and "Start date" is a regular text box field with comparison type of "Greater than or Equal". The Java Script will copy the value entered in Date field and copy to the hidden field.

Second solution: No Java Script needed but one additional DataPage is required.

In this solution you need to break the search form and the results/details in to two separate forms. We have a documentation which shows you how to separate search form and results into two DataPage using passing parameters between them. I have attached the document here. This way you can easily pass the date entered in the Date field from the webform into the predefined criteria Search/Report form which has two filtering fields "Start date" and "End date" with the appropriate comparison type mentioned above and logical operator "AND".


Bahar M.

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