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Serious issue with Form saving another value than it shows in the user screen



Hi all,

The core of this issue is that the data page form formula captures the correct value but the 'system' saves another value. I suspect it captures another random ID. The issue at hand should never be possible. Please check the screen shot. What can possibly make the Form / 'system' go and select a value other than what it shows?

1. The Form 60 KPI Data Form has a formula market by '1' in red to capture the foreign key of tb32_OrgTargets.
2. As the form in preview shows (market '2' in red), the formula captures the correct value from tbl32_OrgTargets '5WB1007K' 
3. This value is visible in tbl32_OrgTargets (Shown in table market with '3' in red)
4. Strangely enough, the Data Page saves the value '5XHMJO3E' in the target field, in spite the datapage clearly shows the correct value  '5Wb1007K' 

Is this common? Has someone else experienced it? How is it even possible? If it did nt like the formular (market '1' it should eiher not show anything or provide an error message, Now it picks another value that is totally not per the instructions to the formula, and the formula confirms the correct value.

Prior art and eperiences appreciated! 





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1 hour ago, CoopperBackpack said:

Hello @KG360,

The issue you described looks strange.

Do you have a Triggered Action on the  tbl60_KPI_Data?

As I can see on the screenshot, you use the Display value option in Relationships for the CaseObjOrg_FK. Which field is used as a Display value? 

Hello @CoopperBackpack - Your rating says 'Caspio Rockstar' and I completely agree! You pinpointed the possible causes immediately! There are no Triggered Actions on the tbl60, but indeed I had the wrong display field, another foreign key field, and that's exactly where Caspio picket the value which then is only a display value and the correct FK was there all along. That was BTW what astonished me that the tables were correctly linked (because the corect value was underneith...). When I changed to the correct field, all foreign key's are now correct.

This is the kind of problem solving I wish I could see more of from  caspio. 

Many thanks! I really appreciate this! What a nice ending of the year :) 



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