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Using columns in "submission forms" and "single record update" data pages




I have a question about using columns when using columns within a section on a "submission form" datapage. (And presumably a "single record update" too - I expect it will work in the same way).

I can create a new section, and I can set that new section to have 2 or more columns. I can change the fill order and the label positions. So far so good.

I have three issues.

  1. When filling in the columns "Top to bottom", I want to be able to specify when the fields should be in the next column. So, if I have 10 fields, I might want the first three fields to be in the first column, and the remainder to be in the next column. Can I do this?  In the attached screenshot "Example 1", I want the "Change measurement" field to appear at the top of the second column.
  2. I have some fields that are set to disappear in some circumstances, depending on what the user has entered in previous fields. This is determined in the "Rules" section. This works fine when I have just one column - the fields vanish and all the other fields move up. however, when using columns, there is a big empty space where the field would otherwise have been. Can I arrange for the other fields to move up? The attached screenshot "Example 1" shows this.
  3. Finally, it seems that each field on the first column has to align with the field on the second column. So if I have a field in the left column which is set to "Text Area" and covers 7 rows (for example), then this obviously takes up more space. There would be remove for 2 or more normal sized fields to sit beside it in the next column. Instead, however, Caspio only puts one field in the same place in the second column - meaning we have a big empty gap. The attached screenshot "Example 2" shows this.

Does anyone have any idea how I might address these? Can I add some custom coding to make it work? Or would I need to design the tables in an entirely different way?

Many thanks!


Example 1.JPG

Example 2.JPG

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