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Sandbox / Staging / UAT environments - what is your best practice for development workflow?



I was unable to find any info regarding the development workflow. 

So, how do you deploy your code from development env to UAT or to Production? Are there best practices? Guidlines? Any kind of automation?

How do you keep your data models in sync? I mean if you're changing the data model in the development env, how do you deploy changes to production? Manually?

Are there any git-like source tracking? Do we have anything similar to Jenkins or Github Actions? How do you automate your deployments?

Looking forward for your tips&tricks :)

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Hi @WrednaMalpa,

I currently don't have any tips that I can give regarding the deployment changes. But if you're worried about the changes done in your DataPages and wanted to go back to a previous version, you can still access them in the revision history. Here is a howto article for more information:


I hope this helps!

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Well, I can duplicate data tables or any other object as well. This was not the point.

In normal development process, you have a separated environment with anonymized personal data, where you can check different ideas or even change the structure of the application. On UAT you also need to check if new functionality is working, by entering fake data. So, making all these things on productional environment is kinda crazy.

Although I can duplicate the production, do anonymisation and create a kind of Dev environment, it is extremely hard to deploy changes back to Production. In fact. I need to do this manually, which is no fun and also introduce bugs.

I was hoping to use export/import feature, but it seems like importing keeps the GUID from old application and this way, after the import, the development object are linked with production. I'll try to hack the system, replacing the GUIDs, but I this can cause side effects I cannot predict right now. Besides, this kind of "hacking" is not elegant at all :( I was hoping this problem is solved, but it seems like I'm gonna be the pioneer.

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