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Views when all tables are not mandatory



I have 4 related tables which are fed from several forms. Only the forms feeding into the first table are mandatory for all applicants. For the remaining 3 tables, it depends on the type of applicant as to whether they need to complete the related forms or not.

BUT, I need to be able to print one summary report showing all of the data, regardless of whether the applicant has posted data to all 4 tables or just 2 or 3.

I created a view of all 4 tables. In the view I indicated the key field that connects each of the 4 tables. However it seems that if that key field isn't present for all 4 tables (i.e. because the applicant didn't need to complete that table's form), then no record is returned.

Help! Please tell me there is a way to retrieve all of the data from multiple tables when only some of the tables are required!

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What I can think of is to create new records in all tables upon inserting the new record in the first table. This way the second, third, and forth tables will have the record with the same unique ID but other fields would be blank till user fill them out. So even if they don't fill them out, the view can join the tables and display the record.

This would be a database trigger in the backend, please contact Caspio Support http://www.caspio.com/support/ to get more information.


Bahar M.

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