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Automatic log out from the form when browser closed



Is there a way to automatically log a user out when they close the browser.

Currently, they submit the form which will take them to a page where they have a link for logout. Click on the logout link and they will be logged out.

But if they close the browser without clicking the logout link,next time they open the form it will open the form automatically without authentication screen.

Problem is, one user might just close the form without logging out and the next user came in and try the form straight away and it will open the previous user's form.

I have now put the time out to the lowest time available which is 15 minutes. But that doesn't help. Users could just login check the form and close the screen


submit the form and close the next browser without clicking logout.

And the next user might just use the same computer straight away and go to the form within that 15 minutes. Thus getting the form going directly to previous user's details.

What I wud prefer is when they close the browser automatically log them out of the account


when they close the window without logging out ask the question (on a pop up message) do you want to logout?


to embed the user details in the url to the caspio form. (becos the link to Caspio form sits in a site where the user uses the same authentication details.

Would prefer the 1st or 2nd option, but if not possible the 3rd option.

Any help is highly appreciated.



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This is a browser specific which allows the session stay live unless all the browsers are closed. You can write a custom Java Script on the page and define an event listener upon closing the window to pop up a message to ask user to log out.

If you would like Caspio price quote on this and see whether this is doable or not please contact Professional Service department at http://www.caspio.com/services/services.asp


Bahar M.

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