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Search and report only certain records from table



Hi - I am new to caspio and trying to figure out how I can manually "turn on" certain records for inclusion in the search and report online. I do not want to have every record from the form completed online showing up on my searchable database. Is there a way I can set a control to be able to manually "approve" each record that has the ability to be searched and shown? Or do I have to somehow link a table from my online form to another table where I choose which records show in the second table, making all records in that second table searchable? Also, if the latter, I'm not sure how that affects how many web pages I would then have.


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I understand that you would like to approve each record before displaying it for public.

You can add a new field to your table for example call it Status. In the Web Form where data gets into the table, set the Status field be hidden and default value "pending". In your Search and Report, add Status hidden search field or filtering field and set the criteria Equal to "Approved". This way only records where status is "Approved" will be displayed in your report.

You can make another Search/Report DataPage for admin purposes to approve each new record by yourself.


Bahar M.

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