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My site conducts a training exam that ultimately after completion (with a passing grade), the user should be able to print a completion certificate. I have read the earlier posts on how to create a background image but I still have a few problems.

Quick Background:

- The actual certificate is landscape and should fill a whole page with a blank 1" border.

- The image is located on my website (hidden page) for the report to reference.

- The style I currently use is set up with a table width of 1200px (List/Grid Layout) with equal column width checked.

- The Details Page is setup with a section that has 3 columns with 3 HTML blocks.

- There is a field in the first HTML block to fill a place in the lower left side of the certificate.

- There are 3 fields in the next HTML block (middle) to center the remaining information in the center or the certificate.

- There is a 3rd HTML block that contains a number of "&nbsp:" to expand the third column

- The image will occasionally shrink.

- Style/Forms/Details/layout source information is as follows:



/*Form Table Attributes*/

border-collapse: collapse;

background-image: url("http://www.xxxx.com/xxxxxxxx/Icon_Page_files/droppedImage_4.png");

background-repeat: no-repeat;

Question 1:

- Can I load the image in my caspio account and have my "style" reference it from there versus the earlier posting which suggested that it be referenced from someplace on the web?

- If I can place the image in my caspio file location, how would I reference it?

Question 2:

- Can I control/specify the size of the image?

- If so, how?

I would love to hear any ideas.

Best Regards,

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You can not reference an image which is stored in Caspio unless the image is referenced in a Table and DataPage. So for this purspoe you need to store the image in your own wev server and provide the reference (URL) in the cbFormTable style class.

Regarding the size of the image, you can edit the image with and image editor then re-store it on your server.


Bahar M.

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