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daily calculations



I would like a table that can pull information from another and give me daily numbers 

I know this would be a task to run every morning or possibly a pivot table

1. Give a total of new entries from the previous day

2. The total number of incomplete work items in total (from a check box field)

3. Number of projects completed the previous day (From a check box field)

4. The average time that work is out (From a calculated field run through a task


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I have a similar problem that I am trying to tackle. I want to perform calculations on a table everyday. Essentially, some of the records in my table will have the same reference number and I want to add up the columns of the records that have the same reference number.

Please let me know if you find a viable solution to this.

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Hello @Kurtmc,

Since I don`t know your table design, I will share an example based on my test tables.

Let`s say there is a Table that stores orders:


As you can see, there are 5 orders from yesterday, 2 of them are completed, and 3 of them are incompleted.

The Table to store totals from the previous day:



This Task populates the 'Orders_totals_daily' table on the daily basis.




Hope this helps. 

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Hello @brennanpoit,

For your case, the Task design might be simpler.

First of all, you may want to check an article regarding Tasks:


For example, there is a table that stores unique invoices:


And there is a second table (the so-called Child table that can store multiple records related to the invoices):


As you can see, these tables have a relationship based on the ID field. 

This is the Task example to count the number of each invoice and the sum of each invoice in the Invoices_tbl.






Feel free to update this thread if you have further questions. 

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