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Direct URL link to a specific record (Parameters as Query String Values)




I have created a DataPage report and I am using a URL deployment. I want to be able to create URL links that will resolve in the results page for a specific record (see example). I have tried to generate the link following this guide https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/parameters-as-query-string-values/. I came up with this: https://xxxxxx.caspio.com/dp/5b04c0006b323ad85cd7406faf1b?param=[@ID_Najdisce:010102.00], but it doesn't work (it resolves in the start page).

Any ideas?




Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 12.32.01.png

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in your DataPage settings under Configure Search Fields, you need to set up "On Load: Receive external parameter" like on the screenshot below (you can name the parameter as you like).


Then your URL will look like this: "https://arkas.caspio.com/dp/5b04c0006b323ad85cd7406faf1b?<name of the External Parameter>=<value you want to insert>"

For example: https://arkas.caspio.com/dp/5b04c0006b323ad85cd7406faf1b?paramName=010101.01

Also, these articles might be useful:

- https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/how-to-separate-search-page-and-results-page-into-two-different-webpages/

- https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/results-and-details-on-two-separate-web-pages/

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Dear SushiPizza,

thank you very much for your thorough and brilliant step-by-step explanation. How does the DataPage behave if there is no external parameter?

Maybe its best if I try to describe the use case. I want a single DataPage (URL deployment) that could be accesses in two ways. 1st access type would be with a "normal" link (e.g. https://arkas.caspio.com/dp/5b04c0006b323ad85cd7406faf1b) and all results are displayed. 2nd type of access is from and external application (web GIS) with a direct link (e.g.,https://arkas.caspio.com/dp/5b04c0006b323ad85cd7406faf1b?paramName=010101.01) following your brilliant instructions. Is this possible?

Thanks again for your time,



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Hi Benjamin,

If you have an URL without any parameter it should leave the search field empty, thus the DataPage should display all of the records. That's what I got while testing. You may go ahead and test it on your end. If you are checking this in preview mode,  just press ok without typing anything when the window asks you for a parameter.

Let me know if this works


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