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Hi, I have a Virtual Field (virtual12) performing a  lookup. It gets a files URL and image name from a table and if an image is available it will pull over the URL "https://www.filestore.com/image_171.jpg". If the URL reads "https://www.filestore.com/NoImage.jpg" meaning there isn't an image, it will still pull over the no image URL.

I want to present to the user either a "Image Is Available" or a "No Image" message label so I'm using a second virtual field with the following calculation

WHEN [@cbParamVirtual12]).value  = ""https://www.filestore.com/NoImage.jpg"
THEN "No Image"
ELSE "Image Is Available"

The "Verify" function on the calculated field shows "Valid Formula" but when I run the app the second virtual field remains empty. I suspect the WHEN clause is where the problem is. Can someone help me out here please.

Thanks in anticipation, Ron



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