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Submit Button and Redirects AND iFrames

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This is something different.

 I use a Virtual Field (Virtual9) and a Calculated Value on this workflow. Virtual9 is hooked up to the Destination field on exit.


/* Account NOT in System*/
WHEN [@cbParamVirtual13] = 1 THEN 

/* Account is NEW */
WHEN [@cbParamVirtual13] = 2 THEN 

/*  Account is ACTIVE  */
WHEN ([@cbParamVirtual13] = 3) OR ([@cbParamVirtual13] = 4) THEN  

/* Account Has Been SUSPENDED */
WHEN ([@cbParamVirtual13] = 101) OR ([@cbParamVirtual13] = 102) THEN 




When I deploy the data page, it works like a charm, EXCEPT because WIX (my Web host is iFrame based) will not let me open a URL link out of an embedded HTML piece of code and the new page opens in the existing data page container. 


In the past, I have opened new web pages using HTML  (<a href="https://www.mydietmadereal.com/mdmr/RecipeDetails[@app:sysRelease]RecipeID=[@field:RecipeID]" target="_top">Get the Recipe</a>) by adding a target.

Does anyone know how to add a "target="_top"" to the URL line so that Caspio will accept it?  I have tried everything I can think of.


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