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adding up a 1 to many relationship




I'm making a report for my company that will give us information about how many leads a sales rep has run, among other things. What I'm trying to do is create a report that will calculate the number of records with that Rep's rep code on them. I have no idea how I would do this. For example

in the leads table, there are 24 leads assigned to rep code CCUR. on the report I don't want to see each lead, just the number of leads that CCUR was assigned to. I assume I'm going to need to use javascript for this, and I'm on a very tight deadline. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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As I understand you want to create a report which lists the reps and their correspondent number of leads. Example"

Rep # A100

Leads: 10

Rep # A101

Leads: 5

Rep # A103

Leads: 9

This type of reporting tool is not available currently at Caspio however it is planned for the second upcoming release scheduled for the end of this year. Java Script does not work on this case, there are two solutions:

1. Have Caspio program it from the database level and create the summary table and the triggers on the table insert to calculate the numbers.

2. Easy solution is to have this summary table built using Excel and then import it into Caspio and make the Search/Report based on the summary table. The summary table looks like:

Rep ID No_of_Leads Otherfields...

A100 10

A101 5

A103 9

The withdraw of this solution is that if the new lead is added to the Leads table the summary table should be updated manually. The first solution will automatically calculate and update the summary table.

If you would like to go with the first solution, open a support ticket at https://support.caspio.com and provide as detailed information as possible and a Caspio Support Engineer will provide you with a quote and timeline.


Bahar M.

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