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Connect to Caspio Table From Excel/VBA



Hi, anyone out there with VBA knowledge and how to connect VBA to a Caspio database? I could really do with your help... Ultimately I'd like to automate this using VBA. Here's the VBA code which crashes at the .send line, returning a "Access Denied" error.

Sub GetCaspioData()

Dim hReq As Object, Json As Dictionary
Dim sht As Worksheet

authKey = <myAuthKey>

Set sht = Sheet1

Dim strUrl As String
    strUrl = "https://myaccount.caspio.com/ui/apps/myApp/tables/myTable/open"
Set hReq = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
    With hReq
        .Open "GET", strUrl, False
        .SetRequestHeader "Authorization", "Bearer " & authKey
    End With

Dim response As String
    response = hReq.ResponseText
    MsgBox response
End Sub

Many thanks, Ron

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