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Fields on datapage not being saved after submission

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I have a 2 page submission page that is not saving entered values after submitting the second page. The first datapage has a dropdown to select office location which then has 10 autocomplete text fields which automatically populate all employee's name's who work for that  office (Picture 1). The second datapage takes the recruiter names and set them up as virtual fields next to a submission field which lets the user fill out recruiters stats for the day (Picture 2). The purpose of the virtual fields is so that the submission field is labelled with the correct recruiters name. 


After submission the datapage seems to run into the issue where these fields are not saving any of the values. There is an email that gets sent out with a submission which turns up blank values (Picture 3) and the data does not get saved to the associated table. I have required fields that should prevent submission if no values are typed in but I still get blank values showing up on the email and the table.  I believe I am looking for a Javascript fix that might be able to verify that there are values saved to the table, however, if there are other things I should be looking into I can do that as well. 

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Picture 3.png

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