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problem deploying caspio in wordpress



I'm deploying caspio forms to wordpress and have two problems;

1. An example is a search / update form. The search page displays fine, but after hitting the submit button, i'm redirected to my main wordpress site.

2. Parameters aren't being passed from one page to another where a child form depends on parameters from the calling form (ie. search/update form).

Does anyone have the solution to these issues?



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Passing parameters in wordpress is a nightmare ! I have almost finished building a large site using caspio and wordpress and it has not been that straightforward.

Some thoughts....

1. When you submit the form the best plan is redirect to a second wordpress page that has exactly the same caspio datapages put onto it. this way you can add the parameters to it and wordpress doesnt strip them out.

so details are


on this page you put the form and set up destinations annd triggers as www.myblog.com/page2?Param1=XYZ&Param2=XYZ


then on page 2 you put exactly the display daatapage with the parameters referenced to control the display

its quite confusing this but if you want to see an example of this check these URL's



http://cool-wedding.co.uk/find-wedding- ... man=brian1

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