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So I have this problem that I have saved a series of URL's , but I need a specific part of said url (marked  in the picture).  I can not share the complete URL but the most left e you can see, is from the ".be" of the url. 

Does anyone know a solution?

(I can't do it manually because there are already 1300 entries)

Schermafbeelding 2023-05-24 164223.png

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Hello @Pumpedplop,

In case the URL always ends with '_.pdf' and those digits to be retrieved are always placed before this '_.pdf', please test the following formula:

REVERSE(SUBSTRING(REVERSE([@field:Company]), 6, CHARINDEX('_', REVERSE([@field:Company]), 6) -6))

Please replace the Company field with your field name.
For example:




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So if you use the replace function, and change the starting value to 5 you should be able to make this work.

REVERSE(SUBSTRING(REVERSE(REPLACE([@field:test],'_.pdf','.pdf')),5, CHARINDEX('_',REVERSE(REPLACE([@field:test],'_.pdf','.pdf')),5)-5))

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