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How create multiple similar tables for a company automatically - one table for each site ?



Hello dear reader - I hope you can point me in the right direction:


I want to allow yu customers to collect site-specific data for each of their sites. I can set that up for them, however - since the tables are similar for each site - I would like to automate that as follows:

1. the customer opens a web form to indicate the number of sites with the respective site-id;

2. Caspio generates automatically the same number of site tables with the site-id as identification.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Many thanks, René

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Hi Rene

Do you need a new and unique table for each site? Or do you need:

  1. a user-site table that records all the sites a user has added matched with the uniqueid, and 
  2. A singular site table where each row is a new site and the columns then replicate the common table structure 

You could either structure the user site form to open a second page inside it that creates the new site record or you could pass the parameter, or use triggered actions after the event. 


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Hi ReneDW,

Having one table per site does not sound like the best database structure and the approach from Jodie above -keeping users in one table and sites in another - may be better for performance and scalability, though it depends on your app.

However, if you must add one table per site and you want to automate table creation based on a record, the easiest way at the moment might be using REST API, which would need to use a 3rd party such as Zapier or a custom development.

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