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onclick event and function call to create dynamic URL links

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I have the following link in an HTML block of a details page

[url="#"]next test[/url]

which works correctly. Next I replaced code in the HTML block as follows

[url="#"]test 501[/url]

with the following in the footer


function membershipType1()
		window.alert('I am an alert box');


And I just cannot get it to work! Any help would be really appreciated

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Finally fixed this so have posted solution below for others who may have simialr problems. It is used on a detail's datapage report and it is referencing a field in the underlying authentication table rather than the table that the datapage itself is built on.

//This code is in an HTML block on the datpage..
//demonstration of onclick functionality javascript..


//this code is in the footer..	
//the function calls...

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">

function membershipType1(trialStatus)

	if (trialStatus == ("active"))  {



	else if (trialStatus == ("ended")) {


	else {
		window.alert('this is a bug! Please can you report it to support. Thanks');

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