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Caspio Parameters not working properly. Anyone else have this issue?




I am working on a data page. I built a menu and added an image inside.

the app parameter I created is [appmenu2] and the image code inside of it is <img src="[app:circlelogo/]">. After saving the code and saving the parameters and finishing the page, the image is not rendering and this is what I see when I inspect element.

<img src=""> ==$0

It was working properly and out of no where it just stopped. The image now shows as it is just not there. My file is appropriately stored in a filestore folder that is enabled.


This code <img src="[app:circlelogo/]"> also works exactly fine on other data pages. 


I am confused as to why it might have stopped working.


Anyone else sharing this problem?

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Hello @MonicAnalytics,

As far as I understand you added an app parameter (image) inside another app parameter (some code for menu).

If this is correct, I faced this issue earlier. I contacted support and they confirmed that it is not possible to refer to one app parameter inside another one. 

The workaround is:
1)  to use the URL as an image source instead of an app parameter

2) to divide the menu into 2 parts, so you can add app parameters with the 1st part of the menu, then add an app parameter with an image separately, and the 2nd part of the menu (if this works in your case at all)

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much @CoopperBackpack !!

That helped quite a bit. I thought I was going insane lol. I didn't think it might have been the nested parameter. 
My image was uploaded in filestore and it won't show the full parameter for security reasons (which I totally appreciate).


I think solution2 could work! 

Thank you so much for your response! I greatly appreciate it!

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